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2005/2006 OBJECTIVES
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The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) is a membership based, non-profit bicycle advocacy organization. Members volunteer countless hours for the LACBC. We receive funding from members, donors, foundations, government contracts and from events. We formed in August of 1998.
Improving the bicycling environment and quality of life in Los Angeles County
We envision a Los Angeles County that is a great place for everyday, year-round cycling. Bicycles are accepted as an integral part of our transportation system, culture, and communities. People of all ages, abilities, and cultures travel as cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists safely and simultaneously. Cyclists enjoy equal access to roads and trails, and share the same rights and responsibilities as other users. Air is cleaner, streets are safer and quieter, and people and the environment are healthier.
2005/2006 OBJECTIVES

I. Current Assessment

Upon conducting an internal and external survey of organizational strengths and weaknesses, the following conclusions were reached:

Areas of Strength:

  • A mission statement that clearly articulates the organization's purpose and connects with real constituent needs.
  • LACBC is an asset to the community and has become a more effective organization in recent years.
  • Membership numbers are an important advocacy tool.
  • LACBC are working on projects that its members and external stakeholders find important.
  • Serving the needs of commuter cyclists is paramount.

Areas Needing Improvement:

  • Communication with members and external stakeholders must improve.
  • LACBC needs to develop clear and measurable goals.
  • Greater transparency in decision making.
  • Improvements in engaging membership and developing leadership throughout the organization.
  • More external assessment needs to occur.
  • Board leadership needs to be nurtured and expanded.

II. Programmatic Strategies

LACBC's external surveying found that both members and external stakeholders agreed that addressing the needs of commuter cyclists is a key function of the organization, as is its work of bikeways planning. Focus areas of significant import are educating policymakers and bike-transit interface programs. Other focus areas that rated highly are educating motorists and the police about cyclist rights, as well as educating cyclists about safe riding skills.
As a result of this planning meeting, LACBC's projects and activities were arranged into four programs as defined below:

PROGRAM: Safe Bikes

Goals: All goals will contain a bilingual component.
  1. Increase real and perceived bicyclist Safety in Los Angeles County.
  2. Increase Bicycle awareness among all road users.
  3. Increase ridership through safety education.
  4. Share the Road Campaign

Projects & Strategies

Goal 1: Increase real and perceived bicyclist Safety in Los Angeles County.
Project: Youth Safety Education Program
Strategy: Respond to RFP for LAUSD Program
Project: Road I Course for Adults
Strategy: Quarterly Courses Offered throughout the County
Implement "Train-the-Trainer" to engage membership
Project: Bike-shop based Commuter Safety Lecture Series
Strategy: Develop Set Curriculum
Conduct Six Annually
Goal 2: Increase Bicycle awareness among all road users.
Project: Targeted User Group Education
Strategy: Survey Members & External
Stakeholders for Priorities
Develop Program
Identify & Solicit Funding Sources
Goal 3: Increase ridership through safety education.
Project: Communications Campaign focusing on Safety Education Projects
Strategy: Press Releases on Courses & Importance of Safety Education
PSAs on Bicycle Safety Issues
Commuter Safety Section on Web Site & Newsletter
Goal 4: Share the Road
Project: Share the Road Awareness Campaign for Motorists
Strategy: Develop multifaceted Motorist Education
Program: Hang Tags
Press Releases/Story Placement (SoCal AAA)
Collaborative Partnerships with TMA's

PROGRAM: Fun Bikes

Goals: All goals will contain a bilingual component.
  1. Create Dynamic Cycling Community & Increase Ridership through LACBC-Sponsored Activities
  2. Increase Membership Numbers for Greater Advocacy Strength
  3. Increase Awareness of LACBC though diverse communications programs
Goal 1: Create Dynamic Cycling Community & Increase Ridership through LACBC-Sponsored Activities
Project: Host rides that have a broad appeal to encourage ridership
Strategy: Organize 4 rides a year, including the River Ride
Project: LACBC Sponsored Community Activities
Strategy: Conduct: Bike Films Festival, Bike Valet Services & Lecture Series
Goal 2: Increase Membership Numbers for Greater Advocacy Strength
Project: Strengthen Member Benefits Program
Strategy: Add 20 new Bike Shops in the member discount program.
Offer Bike Insurance / Bike Registry / Roadside Assistance
Widen Type of Sponsors in Discount Program
Project: Buy A Bike New Member Program
Strategy: Recruit 500 New Members by giving free 1st time Membership to customers purchasing a bike at a participating shop.
Project: Comprehensive Communications Program
Strategy: Publish Quarterly Newsletter
Redesign Website for better Access to Advocacy Information & Activities
Redesign Membership Recruitment Materials
Develop e-Newsletter
Goal 3: Increase Awareness of LACBC though diverse communications programs
Project: Increase participation in non-LACBC Events
Strategy: Recruit sufficient weekday volunteers to participate in two community events a month.
Project: Enhance identity through merchandising.
Strategy: Modernize logo and create new shirts, as well as caps, stickers, reflective vests and other merchandise.
Project: Increase Media Focus on Cycling Issues
Strategy: Produce Monthly Press Release Focusing on Current Cycling Issue
Produce two PSA's a Year on Current Cycling Issue

PROGRAM: Think Bikes

  1. Ensure that every project is a bike project & bikes are routinely accommodated in Major development Projects.
  2. Increase awareness of cycling as a solution to public health issues.
  3. Increase ridership through bicycle infrastructure Improvements
Goals: Each project accomplishes the aforementioned goals. All goals will contain a bilingual component.
Project: Increase public agency awareness of bicycle transportation needs.
Strategy: Develop presentation for key stakeholders (existing public works luncheons)
Develop postcards
Project: Think Bikes Database
Strategy: Develop inventory of agencies, projects, people, and policies affecting bicyclists.
Project: City of Los Angeles Bike Plan Update
Strategy: Write letters encouraging the prompt release of RFP
Position LACBC to play a key role in the development/review of the project
Use political pressure to ensure that the plan meets goals of routine accommodation
  • Planning for a Bikeable Future
    LACBC brings a regional vision, extensive local knowledge and accountability to any bicycle transportation project. LACBC staff is experienced in bikeway planning and design issues, program development, transportation funding, public outreach, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), survey design, statistical analysis, and database design. Current projects include the following:
  • Bike Commuter Station - Hollywood
    LACBC has been contracted by the City of Los Angeles´┐Ż Community Redevelopment Agency to execute a feasibility study for the implementation of a staffed, bike commuter center at the corner of Western Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. Stage two of this project entails the actual design, construction and operation of this site, scheduled to open spring 2006.
  • Enhanced Public Outreach Plan
    LACBC was awarded a Community-Based Planning Grant from Caltrans to conduct extensive outreach in traditionally under-represented communities. Using GIS software and census data, LACBC identified 24 low-income, transit dependent communities in Los Angeles County, and developed a survey instrument to be used as an outreach tool. The final report will include survey findings and recommendations for future policies and infrastructure.
  • Eastside Light Rail Bike Interface Plan
    Caltrans also awarded LACBC with an Environmental Justice Grant for $161,000 to study bicycle linkages along the Eastside Light Rail transit corridor. LACBC will identify projects necessary to provide adequate bike access to each transit station and create a viable bicycle network in the area using the principals of context-sensitive design.
  • City of Norwalk Bicycle Master Plan
    LACBC is currently providing technical assistance to the City of Norwalk to ensure that their upcoming Bicycle Master Plan meets the requirements of the Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA). The BTA is a state funding program that distributes $7.2 million annually to local governments for bicycle infrastructure projects.
  • Other projects and publications include the Bicycle Resource Guide (2003), Blueprint for a Bicycle-Friendly Los Angeles County (2001), and the Bicycle Times newsletter (ongoing).
  • LADOT Bike Locker Program
    LACBC currently manages over 150 bicycle lockers at six locations in the San Fernando Valley. This includes management of rental agreements, the renter database, inventory, maintenance requests and general customer service
  • Increased Funding for Bicycle Projects: Successfully pressured the MTA to allocate an extra $6.7 million to bike and pedestrian facilities in 1999.
  • Stopped the Sepulveda Boulevard Reversible Lane Project. As part of a community coalition, LACBC put a stop to this expensive and bad bike planning project.
  • Bike to Work Day: Sponsored this annual event which promotes bicycling as a viable form of transportation.
  • L.A. River Bike Path: Helped secure funding for this bike path and are currently campaigning to ensure its completion into downtown Los Angeles.
  • Silver Lake Boulevard: Successfully campaigned to add a bike lane to the street after the L.A. Dept. of Transportation mistakenly omitted it.
  • Monthly Bike Rides: Sponsored community bike rides throughout Los Angeles County for its members.
Colin Bogart - LACBC President
Aaron Kirsch - LACBC Treasurer
Wendell Johnson - LACBC Secretary
Aaron Kirsch - LACBC Share the Road
Sarah Bradshaw
Peter Capone-Newton
Sammy Fuerlick
Catherine Hagney-Brown
Becca Louisell
Ian McIlvaine
Kent Strumpell

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